celtsI can’t be the only one to notice this.

Backstory: I’ve said before that basketball has never been my sport but I – along with about a billion other people, all who arrived well before me – got pulled in last spring as the Boston Celtics marched towards their 17th world championship by playing as total a team game as you will ever see in any sport. So when they recently presented members of that team with their coveted, well-earned championship rings, I had to take a look.

 First thought: Where have I seen this before?

No, not an exact match; the Celts embraced the concept of ‘scale’ to a greater extent than the Pats, and there’s no Larry O’Brien behind the logo on the field of diamonds either. But these two rings are, at worst, cousins. First cousins.

Which is kind of accidentally cool, I think. I bet there’s a lot of Celtics fans who had never seen their team win a league title, and I suspect the feeling they experienced was pretty much the same one many of us had after Super Bowl XXXVI. That’s why we the people care about jewelry being exchanged between billionaires and millionaires we don’t even know – because just getting a look at these rings brings that feeling right back.  

Let’s just look at them again for a minute.

Scott Benson is the Editor and Co-Founder of Patriots Daily. He can be reached at scott@patriotsdaily.com.