logoTwo divisional showdowns in five days kept things hopping at PD this week…

On Monday, Chris Warner said a fast start and a slow finish helped the Pats break a first place tie with the Buffalo Bills the day before;

On Tuesday, with the Pats on the upswing, Scott Benson was in his happy place;

On Wednesday, Tyler Carter said the Pats defense folded the Bills with quarterback pressures and confounding coverages; later that day, the big AFCE win – and the approaching battle with the New York Jets – had Benson distracted by shiny things;

Thursday morning, Britt Schramm came back on six days rest to pitch a game plan for the approaching aircraft; Chef slaved over a hot tailgate all day, so eat! Eat! You’re skin and bones!

Friday, despite a remarkable Patriots comeback to force overtime with one second remaining, the mood turned dark at PD. Really dark.

Handed a flaming trainwreck on Saturday morning, Greg Doyle wisely changed the subject to the future, in the form of potential draft prospects.

Stay tuned – there’s no way to predict what will happen next on PD.

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