photoby Chris Warner

We all know he’s up to something. Bill Belichick sits in his office, looking at his roster, reviewing his 11-5, no-playoffs team, figuring out how to improve it for 2009.

Yes, Tom Brady will be back, but he’s not playing corner. With that in mind, and the unexpected moves of 2007 to bolster a lax receiving corps, we present some courses of action for the coach.

Trade draft picks for a vet – I doubt Oakland would fall for the ol’ “Randy Moss for a Fourth-Rounder” again, so don’t expect any trades for cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. But, for example, would Dallas trade DeMarcus Ware for a first and third? The dude had 20 sacks last year, so the answer is no. Fun to think of those scenarios, though.

Trade players for picks. Beyond Matt Cassel for a first and something else, it’s hard to see a) who would garner multiple picks and b) the Pats taking on even more picks in 2009 (they have an extra second-rounder from San Diego and will probably receive compensation for Asante Samuel and Randall Gay leaving last year).

Multi-player trade. Again, it’s tough to imagine who’s expendable on the roster and worthy of a trade. Does Eric Mangini want to bring Mike Vrabel and Laurence Maroney to the Browns for Andra Davis? Do he and Belichick even talk anymore? Does Scott Pioli want to revamp Kansas City’s roster with Pats? Does K. C. still have a pro football team?

Many questions for myriad scenarios. Trading higher-end players isn’t a typical Belichick move, which of course makes me half-expect it.

Low-risk free agents. Here’s the safest course of action. While high-production, high-cost free agents get all the attention (end Julius Peppers, safety Brian Dawkins, every Ravens linebacker), players like Buffalo CB Jabari Greer and LB Angelo Crowell could get a chance to come to Foxboro and produce.

You know who caught my eye the other day? Browns running back Jason Wright. He’s got some highlights on his NFL player page I’m just saying.

So, of those four possibilities (picks for players, players for picks, multi-player trade or free agents), which one will Belichick choose? I’m not sure.

That’s what makes this exciting.