picby Scott Benson

Erstwhile Patriots quarterback Tom Brady emerged at a charity event near Boston today and gave the assembled press his most expansive comments yet regarding his rehabilitation from a catastrophic left knee injury suffered last fall.

The gang was all over it:

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So Brady seems pretty sure he’s on target in his rehab and that he’ll be able to resume his career next fall with no further interruption. Reassuring words for a distant fall season, even as another winter storm approaches New England.

But you know, they’re just words.  Just like the words written last month, the ones that said Brady may miss part, or all, of the 2009 season. Until August, or September, when Brady finally steps behind center and runs the Patriots offense again, or doesn’t, it’s just speculation. Just words.   

Whichever ones you prefer to believe depends on how you’d like to spend the next five months, I guess. I’m happy to take the quarterback at his word today – that he’s feeling on track and in reasonably good position to play this fall – and at the very least give it equal weight to the statements of those who’ve claimed he isn’t.

But there’s still that matter of the next five months. Because it will be at least that long before we really have any idea about Tom Brady.