picby Chris Warner


We Want Morrah: Cameron Morrah, Cal. Morrah ranked near the top in four categories, including two drills that measure quickness (3-cone and 20-yard shuttle). Not a huge guy at 6-3, 244, Morrah had a respectable bench press (24 reps) that could help him as a blocker.

On the Gator: Cornelius Ingram, Florida. Ingram ran a solid 40 (4.68) but did little else to establish his status as an athletic end. The Pats could draft him, but only with much prodding from Gators coach Urban Meyer.

Biggest Surprise/Bummer: Brian Mandeville, Northeastern. Mandeville gave hope to smaller school players everywhere, but was sent home after doctors found issues with his heart. The latest reports say that his playing career has ended. Can’t imagine discovering that problem at the combine.


Mr. Smith Goes To Indy: Jason Smith, Baylor. Smith showed good feet in blocking drills and scored at the top of three different categories, including the 3-cone drill.

He’s Probably Heard It Before: Dan Gay, Baylor. Smith’s teammate Gay tested near the bottom in his 40 and in bench press reps. Still, at 6-4, 308, Gay’s got the size to make a roster somewhere.

Beware the X-man: Xavier Fulton, Illinois. The last time we saw Fulton, he was in a Senior Bowl practice with DE Larry English whipping him like fluffy eggs. Fulton ranked near the top in no less than five tests. Went to Illinois as a defensive tackle, meaning he has huge potential.