by Chris Warner

pic rogerRoger Allen started for Division II Missouri Western during every game of his career. At 6-3, 326, the Associated Press Little All-American guard caught the eye of NFL scouts and got an invitation to the combine.

Patriots Daily got a chance to interview Roger this week for some insight into what a potential late-round pick goes through during this time.

Hi Roger. Thanks for talking to us today. You excelled at Missouri Western, but how hard is it to convince scouts that a small school player can perform at the NFL level?

In college I was able to get the NFL teams’ attention so one part of it is already done. Now the harder part is to show my physical abilities and that I can compete at the next level with the higher quality of players.

Name the first thing about MWSU that we should know.

It’s just a great team with a great team camaraderie.  That’s the reason why I went there and why I loved it.

What do you feel is your strong suit as a lineman?

It’s definitely run blocking.  I’m really good at run blocking … I’m like a mauler-type guy. I would like to be more of a balanced offensive lineman but for now my run blocking is my passion of the game.

Your team mascot was the Griffons. Would you rather have the wings of an eagle or the body of a lion?

I would want the wings of the eagle because I’m already a pretty big guy myself so I’d like the speed and the grace of an eagle. That would make me a totally well-rounded player.

After starting all 48 games in four years, you suffered a sports hernia during the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star game. How the heck did that happen?

The doctors said it probably occurred earlier in the season but I just didn’t know what it was.  I really felt it the next morning after the game and that’s when I knew something was wrong.

How is your recovery going?

It’s going great. My healing time has been faster than the normal time period. I feel about 90 percent right now.  I’m not totally confident on sprinting but give me a week or two and I know I’ll run a pretty good 40 time.

Even though you couldn’t participate in the events, you still attended the combine. Talk about that experience.

The experience was great because of all the interviews and talks with position coaches and GM’s.  I was able to get a read on what they thought of me and what the buzz was about me.  I really had no idea but now I’m pretty confident that there is enough buzz that I can go at a decent spot in the draft.

Did any of the teams who showed interest start with a “P” and end with an “-atriots”?

Ha, yes they showed a little interest. Not as much as other teams though.  I’m not sure what to think about that because I’ve been told that some teams bluff by never showing you any interest and that’s held true with some of my teammates.  If the Patriots were the case that would be a fun situation!

You’ve said you plan to attend Missouri’s pro day on March 19. What do you see as the most important event for you?

Definitely the position drills. I need to show my agility, my ability to pull and move, and show everything that an offensive lineman is required to do. And of course to show that I’m recovered from this hernia and I’m actually able to go into camp strong and compete for a job.

If you had the choice, what other position would you most want to play and why?

D tackle because I haven’t been able to do it since high school – that’s my fantasy position.

Any interest in other sports besides football?

Not really.  It’s always been about football. I did run a little track to stay in shape for football.

Your player page says that you like all kinds of music. What would you call the two most unusual tracks in your collection?

Seal,  Kiss from a Rose and The Verve, Bittersweet Symphony.

As a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan, what do you think of the recent additions to the team? (Feel free to mention any former Patriots.)

The new general manager has a huge record of recruiting and due to his team management I would say the sky is the limit for them.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, Roger. We wish you lots of luck this spring.

Much appreciated and thanks for your time.