Posted by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff

picLast week, Paul Lukas’s design-centric website Uni Watch featured a slideshow of the recent Reebok photo shoot of Fred Taylor dressed to the nines in the Pats’ spiffy new throwback uniforms, which will make their debut during next season’s 50th anniversary of the AFL. This is the best look yet at both sets of the long-awaited red threads, which still hold some kind of strange grip on many Pats fans, who annually cry for a return to the oeuvre of Pat Patriot. I’m hoping the black shoes aren’t just a prop, because they do set the whole outfit off.  And the first guy that covers those carmine hose gets fined by the PD kangaroo court.

In other, unrelated (but no less cool) news today, I’m happy to report our pal Michael Gee’s Homegame blog is back up and running after a brief technical snafu took the site down for about a week. For those of us who count Michael’s place as a regular destination on our Internet constitutionals, that’s about a week too long.