by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff

Albert Breer of Sporting News today posted the most encouraging story yet on Tom Brady’s recovery from the reconstruction of his left knee.

According to a source close to Brady, the quarterback has “no restrictions at all” as a result of his reconstructed left knee and is “more than excited” about his progress.

The report – filed by the former Herald beat guy and ace blogger – also shed more light on the timeline of Brady’s rehab following complications that forced additional procedures, and much wringing of hands:

Brady was able to return his normal rehabilitation schedule within “10 days to two weeks” after the follow-up procedures, the source said. That means the quarterback is roughly six months into the rehab process.

“He’s full go,” the source said Tuesday. A second source confirmed that assessment.

I can only assume the first source is Buzz Aldrin, what with the NASA-speak, like Brady’s getting ready to leave the lunar module.  The fact that Breer got a second guy to confirm Buzz is good enough for me on May 19.

Breer also has a few words for the “doesn’t care about football anymore” crowd:

Brady hasn’t been shy about taking part in the club’s offseason program, giving teammates a close-up look at his progress. Most Patriots players are apprehensive about shedding too much light on player injuries and rehabs, but indications have been uniformly positive.

“He comes in, he does his work and takes it home to his wife,” Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss said Friday. “The only thing I can say is everybody’s up there working hard and getting ready for the season.”

The last part that stuck out for me was Breer’s discussion with Carson Palmer’s surgeon:

There’s a significant mental mountain a player has to climb in returning to game action. Authorities in sports medicine say it takes roughly two months of live action for a player to fully learn to use his new knee.

“There’s no question that they’re never really back 100 percent until they get behind that line, take snaps and play,” said Dr. Lonnie Paulos, Palmer’s surgeon. “That’s where all the practice and technique comes back, and you get that razor’s edge. No matter how hard you rehab, it’s going to take time.”

All I can say to that is that he better play in the pre-season, then.

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