by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff

Time to preview the pass-catching crop for the 2009 Patriots. A couple of favorite, familiar faces get some company this season.

What I Like

The Core Of The Corps: With Randy Moss and Wes Welker back for season three with the Pats offense, plus a certain QB you may have heard of, look for some early fireworks. This gang will want to make up for lost time.

Three’s A-Crowded: Whether through Joey Galloway or Greg Lewis, New England made moves to improve on the output from its third receiver slot. Jabar Gaffney did a solid job last year (38 receptions, two TDs), but either of those two receivers has a chance to better those numbers.

Don’t Get A Big Edelman: It’s always exciting to watch rookies get accustomed to a new offense, and no rookie has more to learn than Julian Edelman. The Kent State QB used his Mercurial ways to run routes in rookie camp and run the offense. Whether he’s Michael Bishop or Pat White redux, Edelman will provide plenty of entertainment this preseason.

Brandon New: Keep an eye on rookie Brandon Tate, recovering from a knee injury last year. At some point he could end up being a third-round steal.

What I Don’t Like

These Things Happen In Threes: The Galloway-Lewis tandem would excite us more if we knew what we were getting. Last year, Galloway’s receptions matched his uniform number (13). Lewis fared a tad better (19). To summarize, Gaffney caught more passes than those two players combined.

Depth Charges: Related to the above concern, after Moss and Welker, what is there? Too much uncertainty with the backups. Will Sam Aiken play offense? Isn’t Matthew Slater a safety now? Did we actually compare Edelman with Michael Bishop?

First Quarter Quarterback Back: Brady looked good to go until the unmentionable happened last season. Can he start up where he left off?

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