Since Michael Vick was released from prison and then reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, there has been non-stop speculation in the press about where Vick will ultimately wind up. Naturally, since in the past the Patriots have provided employment to such troubled souls such as Corey Dillon and Randy Moss, the Patriots emerged as a top destination among the media.

I’ve tended to dismiss such talk, mostly because I didn’t see how he would fit here. As we learned last year, it seems to work best when your backup quarterback has a game that closely resembles that of the starter. It also seems hard to believe that Belichick would keep a guy on the roster who would only see action in a few gimmick plays here and there, and also that Vick would sign here for that role.

Beyond that, there are some roster implications to having Vick on the roster when he isn’t yet eligible to play in regular season games. Is it worth using a spot on the 53 man roster so he can practice but not play?

The last couple of days though, when pressed on the matter, Bill Belichick hasn’t dismissed anything about Vick. It’s not his style to definitively make a statement one way or the other, but his comments have been interesting. He called him an “outstanding player” yesterday, and today didn’t rule him out either.For what it’s worth, Rodney Harrison apparently thinks Vick would be a good fit with the Patriots as well.

I’m still skeptical, but I’ve certainly been surprised by Belichick and the Patriots before. If Belichick thinks he can help the team, and the Krafts are OK with having him here, it just might happen.

Edit: Please don’t take this post as an endorsement of signing Vick. I’m not ready to go there.