by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff

The Pats have waived Matt Gutierrez and signed former Raider Andrew Walter in a slight reshuffling of their quarterback picture.

Meanwhile, Alex Marvez of Fox Sports reports that the Patriots could be pursuing veteran defensive end Kevin Carter, perhaps indication that Ty Warren may end up on the PUP list for the first six weeks.

I can’t get too charged up about Walter at this point, given his past. I’m not going to hold W-L records against him, but he’s played 15 games and turned the ball over 25 times (16 interceptions and 9 lost fumbles). He’s barely 50 percent on the passes he gets off. I suppose it’s only fair that we place an asterisk on all these because they were accrued while playing for Oakland*.

I guess they’ll say that he’s there to press Kevin O’Connell for the second spot, and maybe that’s true perfunctorily. In any serious way? God, I hope not. I’d be disappointed to learn that O’Connell didn’t get any more out of last year than that.

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