by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
August 17, 2009

Random thoughts while clamoring for Rich Ohrnberger’s leftover IV bags:

We can only hope that this morning’s  LeKevin Smith trade is not only a serendipitous marriage of convenience (Denver gets an experienced 3-4 reinforcement; the Pats get a 5th round draft pick to complete the Derrick Burgess trade) but also indication of a successful off-season replenishment of defensive line depth by Bill Belichick, Nick Caserio and company.

I’m still shaking my head over the Pats’ defensive alignment the other night in Philadelphia. I know 3-4 master Belichick has dialed up different fronts over the years, and that one game does not a transformation make, but the traditional 4-3 alignment they showed the Eagles still was a sight to see. I especially liked the penetration of their defensive tackles, but what became apparent immediately was just how much playmaking room it gives Jerod Mayo, the team’s best defensive player. Kind of makes me wonder if the changeup is as much about that as it is about depth along the line or lack of it among the linebackers. Either way, I guess it’s playing to strength.

No, the results weren’t all there last Thursday, but if they can figure out a way to choke off those cutback lanes in their run defense, Mayo could end up with 150 tackles.

Also, if Gary Guyton keeps getting that kind of drop in pass coverage (did you see the one where he elevated to deflect a Donovan McNabb pass intended for the intermediate middle?), he may get a handful of picks this year. Phifer-esque.

I admit, I was nearly at the eye-rolling stage when it came to Reiss’s Pieces and Julian Edelman (his name is on the blog more often than it’s author, thanks to the author) but after Thursday, I shant question Mike’s judgment again. Between the Kent State Flash and safety Pat Chung, I was getting crazy ideas about a special teams unit that could win games on its own.

Oh, yeah, Tom Brady played too. There was a certain awkwardness to it. But I was reminded of the scene in We Are Marshall – the outcome wasn’t what mattered. All that mattered was that he played.

Off topic for a minute – I thought Tony Dungy was leaving the NFL because it limited the impact his Quiet Strength could make on society as a whole? Judging by the Vick matter, he isn’t going anywhere. Interesting the way that worked out, isn’t it?

Rolling Dungy out to place a seal of approval on Vick is an insult to the intelligence, which means it can only be another ham-handed Roger Goodell public relations initiative.

So you heard the one about Chris Baker and the Yankee hat, right? It seems like after he caught two touchdowns with the most credible impression of a professional tight end since Dan Graham left town, he sported a new 5950 Yankees lid (with a bill you could press a pair of pants on – why do people do that?) while chatting with the press.

Of course, no one in Boston ever notices those things, so Chris Forsberg of and Reiss’s Pieces made sure they did with a Saturday morning post.

Naturally, this elicited a series of fan responses that raises the stakes on the word ‘pathetic’. Best examples follow:

Someone needs to tell Baker to get rid of the yankees hat

Don’t worry, we’ve got our best people on that.

Baker’s IQ must be 8 if he thinks wearing a Yankee cap in the Patriot locker room is a smart thing. Fans will hate him for that.

The guy who gets worked up over a baseball cap (is this Lenny, Steinbrenner’s accountant with the owner’s box tickets?) goes right to the IQ material without a trace of self-awareness. That’s why they’re the smartest sports fans in America, folks.

This shows that he’s a moron. Good football player but dumb. He’s going out of his way to wear that hat and infuriate New England sports fans. Why would someone do that? What is his motivation?

His motivation? To infuriate New England sports fans! OBVIOUSLY! And he’s going out of his way to do it!

Message to Baker. Stop wearing the NY hat. You now play in New England. Start taking your cue from Brady and learn to be a team player/fan and community leader.

The last time this guy posted this he was complaining about Brady wearing his Yankees hat. I thought he made it pretty clear that time – if you’re going to be a player for the Patriots, you have to be a FAN of the Patriots too. Also a community leader. Not like Chris Baker – he hates us because of our freedom! He may also be secretly rooting for the Jets. There has to be some motivation for this!

Shouldn’t you people be out on a ledge somewhere? At the very least, at a health care town hall?

There IS a legitimate Territoriality thing, here.

Uh oh. comment tip: The capitalization of random words is always a sign that trouble lies ahead.

If Baker wants to Represent for the KnickerBocker Nine ~ Again: If you’re NOT from New England, you are NOT a Yankee. NO EXCEPTIONS ~ then that’s his privilege, and we should DAMNED well honor it, just as we have every right to be respected for flying OUR flag in Foreign Lands.

Again, we’re talking about a baseball hat. Flying our flag on foreign lands? Isn’t that a little dramatic? But let’s continue.

But he should NOT be caught within the confines of Razor Blade Field ~ or on ANY Patriots territory ~ with the Flag of the Enemy blazing.

Lots of battle imagery with this guy. Territory, flag of the enemy…let me guess. His neighbors will say he mostly kept to himself.

Without Territorial Pride, there would BE no NFL. These games ~ and the MLB games ~ actually MEAN something. They ARE mankind’s way of fighting War without casualties, and, as such, a great gift to himself.

Jesus Christ, Patton, lighten up. I’d hate to see this guy’s bookmarks after Reiss’s Pieces.

The Fans who root for the Red Sox pay every last penny of Baker’s salary, and make his Quality of Life possible. That is a FACT. Nobody with any sense is asking him to betray the Knicks. But be a MAN.

I’m guessing where their paychecks and quality of life are concerned, these players are a lot more beholden to Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN – or their union, or their agents, not to mention the guy that signs them – than they are to you, sunshine. But don’t let that interfere with your self-importance, or your FACTS.

Make a CHOICE.

Didn’t you watch the game the other night? A Patriot tight end actually caught a pass standing up! If we give him the choice now, he’ll surely flee the dementia that now surrounds him. And we’ll be stuck watching Ben Watson stumbling into the goalposts or onrushing traffic or something.

Either you’re a Fanatical KnickerBocker, or you’re NOT.

Is this the “unless you’re from New England, you’re NOT a Yankee” thing again? Is this a little known Jeff Foxworthy bit?

If you’re gonna agree to play football for New England, and have us Yankees pay your salary, despite your KnickerBocker “loyalty”, don’t be a raging, hypocritical A HOLE: leave the cap at HOME.

Yeah, that’s also been my assessment of his Patriot career to date. Chris Baker, Yankee fan and raging, hypocritical asshole. I suppose he could have bigger problems, though.

He could be the guy who made that post.

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