by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
August 21, 2009

This morning we raised the curtain on our new weekly PD Game Ball feature. This afternoon, let’s dole out some blog justice to the game’s most conspicuous bad actor in a feature we’ll call Take a Lap.

Let’s face it – there was no shortage of embarrassing displays in last night’s 7-6 pre-season loss to the usually compliant Cincinnati Bengals.

Yet they were all eclipsed by this one:


You don’t need Sigmund Freud to tell you what’s wrong with THAT picture. This is what they get for the relentless shilling of Patriots Place, now and forever to be known as Penis Place. Smooth move, Ex-lax.

At the risk of making a bad situation worse, we must now instruct Patriots television network color man Randy Cross to…<cringe> take a lap.

Maybe we should have started this feature next week.

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