by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
August 29, 2009

Rookie Pat Chung set up last night’s 27-24 win over the Redskins with a darting 33 yard punt return, but this week’s PD game ball goes to veteran WR Randy Moss.

This is a new and different Patriots team in a new and different season, but Moss and quarterback Tom Brady clicked last night as if they had traveled back in time.

It began on New England’s second series with a series of crossing routes, slants and square-ins that had the chains moving and the Pats passing game in high synch, 2007-style.

Then, when a Brady pump fake (sold with vigor) caused DeAngelo Hall to stutter for just an instant, Moss slipped by the aggressive cornerback just enough that he could pull in a perfect throw (with Hall draped all over him) from Brady for the pair’s first touchdown connection of the summer.

On the Patriots next possession, Brady spread out the offense to attack a third and short inside the Washington 30. The Redskins choked off the quick conversion throw for Brady, leaving him to sidestep through a moving pocket until Moss again got behind a Washington corner (this time, Justin Tyron, who didn’t replicate Hall’s recovery) for his second straight score.

The game was barely into the second quarter. And all this without Wes Welker. Randy Moss, you get the PD game ball. It’s unlikely to be your last*.

* I say this as if I didn’t see Brady didn’t fall awkwardly on his shoulder after an Albert Haynesworth hit before the half. If appearances count for anything, Brady didn’t seem that concerned about it – he’ll probably be the only one who isn’t. Aside from Chad Ochocinco, I mean.

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