Patriots All Access returns tomorrow night to WBZ-TV. Channel four sports anchor Steve Burton is the host, while Dan Roche and former Patriots QB Scott Zolak are the feature reporters for the show.

Looking over the features below, I’m a little sad to see they decided to give the segment with Belichick analyzing plays on the Belestrator to Scott Zolak. If Burton had handled that segment it had the potential for a great drinking game this season…every time Burton says “wow” during the segment while Bill is working the Belestrator, drink a shot!

Here are the highlights for the show, which airs Friday, Sept. 11 at 7:00 p.m. on WBZ-TV

  • Dan Roche tells us what we learned during training camp and preseason
  • Scott Zolak goes one-on-one with Coach Belichick and the coach analyzes the Bills on the Belestrator
  • Steve Burton goes one-on-one with LB Adalius Thomas
  • Former Patriot and current TV analyst Rodney Harrison gives his thoughts on the 2009 Patriots
  • We go back home to Oklahoma City with WR Wes Welker
  • As part of the ongoing 50th anniversary celebration, we reveal the Top Ten regular season games in franchise history
  • Zolak and former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria break down what Terrell Owens brings to the Bills offense in our brand new T.U.R.F. segment

If you live outside the Boston area, you can view Patriots All Access on later in the evening.