by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
September 29, 2009

I don’t want to be that guy. I really don’t. You know the guy – “fahking Galloway SUCKS, man…they gotta CUT his ahss.” But I am becoming that guy.

It’s been painful watching Joey Galloway try to play wide receiver for the Patriots – allegedly a field stretcher, he’s had the opposite effect.

But this is already becoming a tired subject – as ‘that guy’, I don’t even really know what I expect the Patriots to do. Yeah, they boxed themselves in all right, by choosing a receiver that hasn’t yet demonstrated that he understands his responsibilities (even though he’s been a Patriot since March 14th) or shown that he could execute them even if he did. They filled a hole (the third man in with Moss and Welker) with a void.

What do I expect them to do about it now? So really what I’m doing is howling about that choice in the first place, which is okay, but I really have to get off Joey Galloway’s ass.

I say that because I was getting ready to tee up one of my new catchphrases, “how are you in the league fifteen years and you can’t run a fucking route?” when I was reminded that Galloway has had six seasons of a thousand yards (and a couple of near misses) over the past fourteen years – and ten thousand in all. He’s been in the end zone 77 times. That’s 5 ½ a season every season for the last decade and a half. He’s been doing something right.

If all we’re seeing here is simply an old dog without enough left to learn a new trick, then Galloway shouldn’t have to listen to our shit while he – or somebody else- figures it out. So I’m heading out for a run.

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