by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff
October 2, 2009

This week’s concerns come courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens, an early AFC contender. New England will have to play its best all-around game thus far to come away with a win. That, of course, worries me.

Some other anxieties below…

Man Up And Put The Galloway: Seven receptions, 67 yards. That’s the summary of Joey Galloway’s three-game output. His lack of communication with Tom Brady has been well documented. One quarter into the season, we’ve got to see some improvement. (A long ball wouldn’t hurt either, as the noted speedster is averaging only 9.6 yards per catch.)

Kneed Welker: Call it the Wes Welker Watch. We’re hoping the diminutive pass-catcher will play despite a wobbly knee. If not, see if Julian Edelman can take over slot duty and act more like Week Two Edelman (eight receptions, 98 yards) than Week Three (three for 20).

Where There’s A Wilhite: Facing Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco, a former Fighting Blue Hen (no kidding), the Patriots could use the services of Jonathan Wilhite, absent from last week’s game after a scary confrontation outside his home. Rookie cornerback Darius Butler has also been fighting an injury. Will Coach Belichick stick with last week’s trio of corners (Shawn Springs, Leigh Bodden, Terrence Wheatley) because he wants to, or because he has to?

Quoth The Rusher, Nevermore: Last week, Fred Taylor gained five yards a carry vs. Atlanta’s less-than-spectacular run defense. This week, he and the O-line face the Ravens’ top-ranked rushing defense (51 yards allowed per game). Should Taylor take the punishment, or should Sammy Morris get more carries? Anyone seen Laurence Maroney lately?

Speaking of scary defenses…

That’s Why We Prey: Baltimore will attack Brady with a variety of looks not seen since Lon Chaney (wow, dated reference). Can Brady’s blockers give him enough time to follow through on his passes, or do we have to deal with another week of speculation on his career?

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