by the Patriots Daily Staff
October 18, 2009

Here’s a rundown of the top five most-read posts on Patriots Daily for the week of October 11 through October 17, 2009.

  1. Take a Lap – QB Tom Brady – On Monday, Scott Benson assigned some post-game running to the jittery quarterback, whose comeback struggles were on full display in a tough road loss to the surprising Broncos.
  2. Gut Check – Game 5 at Broncos – Chris Warner’s weekly post-game gut reaction was another popular Monday post among PD readers, who were dealing with some stomach issues of their own.
  3. Making the Grades, Game 5 at Broncos – The Pats conveniently forgot to get their parents’ signature on Jeremy Gottlieb’s Tuesday report card.
  4. First Impressions – Tennessee Titans – On Thursday, Greg Doyle got us looking ahead again with his weekly breakdown of the Pats’ next opponent, this time the 0-5 Tennessee Titans.
  5. Final Thoughts, at Broncos – Last Sunday’s 4:15 start gave Scott Benson too much pre-game time to think, and the 5th most read post of the week was the result.

These posts would be the proverbial trees falling in the forest were it not for your clicks. Many thanks.