Jimmy_JohnsonWas it just me, or did you also immediately hit the Mute button when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell joined Jim Nantz and Phil Simms in the broadcast booth?

I have absolutely zero interest in listening to anything that guy has to say.

I found this from the FOX pregame show to be of interest:

Analyst Jimmy Johnson on teams running up the score: “The New England Patriots have been accused several times of running up the score in 2007.  Last Sunday Tom Brady set a new record with five TD passes in the second quarter.  Patriots beat Tennessee 59-0.  You ask, ‘why weren’t the substitutes in earlier?’ Every NFL player has incentives for every statistic imaginable from touchdowns to sacks to amount of playing time.  You put a good player on the bench and he doesn’t make his extra money, you’ll have one very unhappy employee.  As a coach, I never wanted my players to ever get into a bad habit of going half-speed.  Coaches can’t stand sloppy play.  Once against the Bears with the playoffs wrapped up and a comfortable lead, I substituted for Emmitt Smith with Curvin Richards, his backup.  Curvin fumbled and Chicago scored.  Curvin fumbled again and Chicago scored again.  I cut Curvin as soon as we got in the locker room.  We didn’t turn the ball over again until Leon Lett’s famous fumble in the Super Bowl so it made a point.  I’ve been criticized for running up the score.  One year at the University of Miami, [former Notre Dame head coach] Ara Parseghian criticized me for blocking a punt against Notre Dame in the 4th quarter and going up 58-7.  I only had 10 players on the field, they were substitutes and half of them didn’t know what they were doing.  Deep down I loved that we won by 50 points.  We paid Notre Dame back for all those years that the Irish beat up on those cupcake teams that had no chance to win against them.  Believe me, players and coaches love being on the plus side of a blowout.  There is pride and bragging rights involved.  If you don’t agree you’re saying the NFL should have a mercy rule like they have in tee ball for six-year-olds.  I don’t want that, the fans done want that either.”

Over on ESPN, Tom Jackson actually had something good to say about the Patriots on the ESPN pregame show:

(Are the Patriots an elite team?)
Jackson: “They are 4-2. They are the leader in their division again. This reminds me more of the team that won the championships, than the team that won the 18 straight. Grind it out, win the game at the end, play 64 minutes. This is the team that’s the championship team.”

On NFL Network, Michael Irvin was impressed with Tom Brady: “All I needed to see was Tom Brady take control and say, ‘I will have confidence in my knee.’ It wasn’t a physically thing, it was a mental decision. Once he made that decision, we know he already has all the physical tools to make things happen. He’s starting to get back on track and that’s scary to a lot of people in this league.” – Irvin on Patriots QB Tom Brady