by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff

Colts QB Peyton Manning did what we figured he’d do: dice up the New England secondary like a chicken filet at Benihana. What we did not figure he’d do was wait until the fourth quarter for his heroics.

manningWe’re not here to incite any Tom Brady-vs.-Manning arguments. Brady had himself a heck of a game, too. When it came down to it, though, Manning scored 21 points in the fourth quarter to Brady’s 10. A 17-point deficit with less than 15 minutes remaining should have been too much to overcome; for Manning it became a challenge, but a surmountable one.

Check out these fourth-quarter drives and the time they took:

Five plays, 80 yards, 2:04. Manning 3-3, 59 yards.

Six plays, 79 yards, 1:49. Manning 4-5, 44 yards.

Four plays, 29 yards, 1:47. Manning hit Reggie Wayne twice, the last for the TD.

After three quarters of looking only above-average, Manning became the winning quarterback of a still-undefeated team. Hey, you with the squash the size of a silo, we begrudgingly offer you the PD Game Ball.

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