Much has changed since we last spoke with TheJetsBlog here on Patriots Daily back in week two. The Jets were flying high coming into that game, and even higher afterwards. The Jets claimed that that game was their “Super Bowl” and it just may have been, as they’ve stumbled since. It’s still a huge game, as with a win, the Jets will claim a season sweep of the Patriots, and move to within a game in the AFC East.

Here’s our conversation this week with Brian Bassett, who runs a great blog over there:

Darrelle Revis vs Randy Moss figures to be the matchup to watch this week. Last night Revis got the better of Moss…do you see that happening again?

Randy Moss has been playing very well lately, but Darrelle Revis and Jerraud Powers or Vontae Davis aren’t exactly in the same caliber right now.  I think Moss and Brady are working much more in synch than they were Week Two, so I expect a step up from Moss, but I don’t think Moss will be having another 140 yard day either.

More than anything I can’t wait to see if Randy Moss and Motor City motormouth Bart Scott’s twains ever meet.

Mark Sanchez has looked like a rookie QB in recent weeks – what have been his main struggles, and does he correct them this week?

It’s been a little bit of everything.  After looking fairly poised in the early going, there’s definitely been some great progress, but some regression too as Sanchez thinks about what he’s doing a lot more these days.  The biggest two things though have to be his footwork, which everyone was praising him for early in the season, and his tendency to lock on receivers.  Darren Sharper exposed this in Sanchez during that Saints game, and in some ways adding Braylon Edwards hasn’t helped him from “looking off” coverage, in some ways he’s been a crutch to his progress.

As far as does he correct those errors this weekend?  It’s hard to say.  Belichick’s defense is coming around, Mayo is back and BB has a lot more tape to work with than he did Week 2.  I don’t see it being a red letter day for the young signal caller.

Since the Patriots will likely prepare from what they saw from the Jets in week two, what can you see the Jets doing differently this week to change things up?

The injuries to some key players for the Jets (Kris Jenkins, Leon Washington & Jim Leonhard) will prevent some of what the Patriots saw from the Jets in Week 2, but I have to think that Rex Ryan will dial back the pressure on Tom Brady somewhat, or bring it from different places.  The Jets blitzed their secondary players quite a bit in the first matchup, it could be this time that the Jets will blitz more with their linebackers this time around.

I think that the name of the game is not to try and rush Brady … the Patriots offense is too good for that sort of thing.

Offensively, I think the Jets are more on track now to run the ball, that should be a bigger part of how this offense tries to control the game.

Braylon Edwards is a new Jet since the teams met in week 2 – what have been your impressions thus far, and can he be a difference maker this week?

I like Edwards a lot, but it’s clear you have to expect him to drop some passes.  Still, they’re not all his fault, Sanchez has made some bad or late throws and it shows up as a “drop” which is unfair to Edwards.  Sanchez was throwing to him early on when he had no business doing so and that also caused some issues, bobbled passes, etc. but like Moss, Edwards’ catches can be game changers, so look for the Jets to try and get the ball vertically to him against this secondary.

Thoughts on Rex Ryan with more than half a season under his belt?

I like Ryan, I like his bravado and I like his defensive scheming.  I don’t like that he’s having trouble winning close games, and I don’t like that his in-game management skills have been atrocious.  When games are on the line at the end, his inexperience shows and decisions that he’s made earlier in the half have come back to haunt them.  If it’s close at the end, look for this to go the Patriots way.  That said, it seems most of his players like him and respond to him.  I’m sure though they’d like him better if they could win some games though.

Thanks Brian!

Here’s a link to our session with him – Trading Places: A Chat With Patriots Daily