by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff

Yes, Drew Brees is an impressive quarterback. Sure, he’s the most accurate passer the Patriots have faced and (Heavens allow) will face this season. But I’d like to think that, given a wide-open receiver downfield, even I would have scored a TD against what passed for a New England secondary Monday night.

A quick rundown:

secondaryWilhite Reaches Wil-low: My wife’s cousin Tracey is getting married in New Orleans next March. I mention this because even she won’t get toasted as much as Jonathan Wilhite did last night. Whether reaching in vain to knock down a touchdown pass or a receiver with the ball (like on Marques Colston’s 68-yard catch-and-run in the third quarter that set up a touchdown), Wilhite seemed one step off all game.

Stagger Leigh: The Saints started the contest with a 33-yard completion over Leigh Bodden, who also seemed to develop a habit of allowing third-down completions just long enough for the first.

Ropin’ The Brandons: Surprising to see that Brandon Meriweather had eight tackles, because he sure seemed to miss a few. Brandon McGowan failed in coverage on yet another third-down conversion. The two collided at the goal line on Colston’s game-sealing TD (which, if you have self-loathing issues, you can watch here). Plus, someone needs to take the blame for Devery Henderson’s ridiculous 75-yard TD catch against a two-deep zone where no safety was deep enough.

At the beginning of the season, we at Patriots Daily felt excited about this new secondary, assuming they would gel by December. Now we’re just hoping they can stop the likes of Miami’s Chad Henne. For your lackluster performance under Monday night lights, Patriots secondary, PD asks you to take a lap.

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