by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff

Let’s make this short. We can summarize Sunday’s 22-21 loss at Miami by calling it the low point of the season (one week after thinking we’d already gotten there). A year that began with such promise can now end no better than 2008’s 11-5 record.

We hate writing these things. You don’t like reading them all that much. Let’s rip the bandage off this scrape and get it over with…

They’re Patriots, Not (Two) Minutemen: I don’t know if it would be possible for any team to give up more late scores than New England does. Miami got field goals in the waning minutes of each half, cutting a 14-7 lead to 14-10, then erasing the Pats’ 21-19 lead with 1:07 to play.

Speaking of the former…

I Get No Kick From Belichick: You’d think Coach Belichick would reconsider some of those fourth-and-short calls by now. Yeah, yeah, I know. It was fourth and one on Miami’s six at the end of the first half. He wanted the touchdown. But, even if I’m not the sharpest tack on the board, I figure three points would have helped. You know, given the final score and everything.

Sigh. Let’s try some good news…

Better Reception: Receiver Sam Aiken had the longest touchdown catch of his career, an 81-yarder in the third quarter that made it 21-10, Pats. Meanwhile, Wes Welker had 10 grabs for 167 yards.

Okay. That ends the good news segment of the column.

Not Their Bess Effort: The New England secondary got their butts handed to them by two guys named Chad and Bess. Chad Henne (He of the 73.2 rating going into Sunday) hit on 29 of 52 passes for 335 yards and two TDs. Davone Bess had a positively Welker-like 10 catches for 117 yards. I mean, that’s just sad, right?

Fade He, Brady: Mike Reiss spelled this out in his blog, but it’s worth pointing out that Tom Brady has been fading in the second half like a cheap t-shirt left in the hot water cycle. After going 13 of 14 for 196 yards in the opening two quarters, Brady went six of 15 the rest of the way, with 81 of his 156 second-half yards coming on Aiken’s TD.

Yoiks And Away: This allusion to a funny Looney Tunes scene comes as a painful reminder that, beyond the London game vs. Tampa, the Patriots have yet to win an away contest in 2009.

Hilarious when Daffy Duck gets slammed around. The Patriots? Not so much.

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