by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff

welkerA couple more of these and we just might have to change the name to the PD Wes Welker Game Ball. (Maybe we could throw in a sponsorship from Raytheon or something.)

As he has throughout this season, the undrafted Texas Tech product rescued New England’s offense from itself, helping the Pats overcome three turnovers and shoddy play from its other receivers for a 20-10 win over Carolina. Welker had 10 receptions for 105 yards. The closest to him production-wise was tight end Benjamin Watson, who had three grabs for 37 yards (notable for him, but not exactly a Ben Coates kind of day). The only other wide receiver to even catch a pass was Randy Moss, who – much to the delight of the Boston media (calm down there, Michael Felger) – had an awful outing, fumbling on his only reception.

As if his day job weren’t enough, Welker also moonlighted as a punt returner, totaling 45 yards on five bring-backs (with a long of 17). Sure, seeing him in harm’s way makes us die a little inside, but it has become obvious that Welker’s the best man for the position.

On that note, during a year where so few Patriots have lived up to Bill Belichick’s mantra of “do your job,” Welker has excelled at two spots, doing more than anyone to keep his team atop the division. For all your hard work, Mr. Welker, please accept the precious PD Game Ball.

Honorable Mention: Running back Laurence Maroney ran with purpose (24 totes for 92 yards), caught the ball out of the backfield (two for 17), and showed some of the best vision choosing running lanes as he has in his years. Mr. Maroney, please keep it up.

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