By Bruce Allen, Patriots Daily Staff

There’s so much being written and talked about regarding the Colts decision to basically lay down in the second half against the New York Jets on Sunday and forfeit their chances for a perfect season. But I think some of the real questions here aren’t being asked.

1) If the Colts plan all along was to pull the starters in the third quarter, why were the backups so ill-prepared? Curtis Painter looked like he was pulled out of the stands and sent out onto the field.

2) If they were prepared, is it just that the Colts are just really top-heavy in talent? Bill Polian gets universal praise for his drafting and team building, but those guys on the field didn’t have a chance. There were a lot of drafted players on the field for the Colts, and they weren’t remotely competitive. Painter was a drafted NFL QB. Would Brian Hoyer have looked that bad?

3) Did they bench the stars because they wanted to get them rest, or to avoid injury? Neither makes sense. They probably won’t play much this week, then they have a bye week, and by the time the divisional round of the playoffs arrives, they’ll have gone almost a full month without playing an entire game. The first guy they pulled, Manning, has never missed an NFL game due to injury. Was he going to start now?

4) Peter King has said he disagrees with the decision, but has been curiously quiet overall about it. Since when does Peter King say less about the NFL’s biggest topic than anyone else? Could it be because he’s close with Polian? Nah.

5) The media is very focused on the Colts giving up their chance at the perfect season. You can’t get away from hearing about it, but no one is addressing points 1-3 above. Why?