Junior Seau appears to have finally called it a career, telling the Inside the NFL crew on Showtime that the Patriots loss to the Ravens last Sunday was his last game.

Here’s the segment from the show:

CRIS COLLINSWORTH: Well are you going to hear any more of his (Bill Belichick) speeches or are you finished?  This is 20 years in the NFL…

JUNIOR SEAU: Cris, I’m surfing I’m going to go surf.  Yeah Warren, I’m not going to give you another speech.  It’s all over with the speeches.  Whatever happens, I can say, honestly say, that that probably was my last game.

COLLINSWORTH: So you’re going to retire after that one.

SEAU: Yeah, that, that’s going to be my last game.

(On accountability for loss to Baltimore)

SEAU: Tom (Brady) will be the first to tell you that that wasn’t his best game.  It probably wasn’t even his second to the best game.  But at the same time we are all accountable.  We are all accountable to what we do on every given Sunday…You have to be accountable. He’s going to be accountable to what he did, but there’s no one, no one can be exempt in that locker room as to what happened to us against the Baltimore Ravens.  And that’s talking the coaches, offense, defense and special teams.  So, we lost to the Baltimore Ravens because they are a better team.