Occasionally this offseason, we’re going to post something that we’d like to see the Patriots do, be it a free agent pickup, a draft choice, a coaching move, or even cutting ties with a player.

One thing I’d really like to see the Patriots do is pursue free agent inside linebacker Karlos Dansby.

As this bit by Joe Fortenbaugh on the National Football Post outlines, Dansby should be in demand this offseason, and to this point has had no talks with the Cardinals about a new contract.

Dansby has the size that Bill Belichick likes in his inside linebackers (6-4, 250lbs), he’s led Arizona in tackles each of the last three seasons, has been a defensive captain the last two years, and has plenty of postseason experience the last two years with the Cardinals. You might remember seeing Dansby recover an Aaron Rodgers fumble in OT and take it in for the winning TD in this year’s wild card playoffs. That’s the type of right-place, right time, big play moment that the Patriots have been lacking on defense.

Dansby is just 28 years old, and should have a number of good years coming up. From the outside, he seems to be a “character guy” who might be able to help with the much over-hyped leadership void on the young Patriots defense.

Gary Guyton is a nice player, but he’s woefully overmatched as a starting inside linebacker next to Jerod Mayo in the middle of the Patriots defense. Put this guy next to Mayo, and have Guyton as a jack-of-all-trades linebacker in positions where he can use his freakish speed and athletic ability, and the defense is better already.