by Greg Doyle, Patriots Daily Staff

Colorado St Receiver RaShaun Greer

RaShaun Greer is a former first team Mountain West Conference receiver who put up an impressive show for scouts at his pro day last week. When new coach Steve Fairchild came in before Greer’s junior year, he responded with an 1,100 yard season. This year he slipped to 49 catches and over 700 yards, but that was mostly due to young quarterbacks taking over at CSU as they had a down year. Greer has experience in a pro style offense as Fairchild was a NFL offensive coordinator with St. Louis and Buffalo before taking over at CSU. He has good size at 6’1″ 202 and tested well at his pro day, opening some eyes and raising his prospects for the NFL.

Hi RaShaun. Can you tell us where you are from? How did you get into football? What age did you start playing?

I am from North Las Vegas, born and raised. I really got into football my freshman year of high school. I was a basketball player growing up and never played football. When I started high school, I needed a sport to play until basketball season started so I tried football and stuck with it.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

My first love was basketball and that’s all I played year-round until high school. Then in high school I played basketball, football and ran track, hurdles, long jump, and some relays.

Who was your favorite team as a kid?

The Bulls during Michael Jordan era. (Laughs) Have Bulls posters everywhere and all the Jordan shoes.

How did you end up at Colorado State?

I wanted to go somewhere out of state but I also wanted to stay in the Mountain West Conference and close to home so my family could see me play. CSU was a good fit and I liked the staff and the environment as the snow and everything was something new since I was coming from the desert.

You went through a coaching change before your junior year with Coach Fairchild coming in? How did you adjust to that?

It wasn’t that hard to adjust. I took it as a challenge getting familiar with a new staff and learning a new playbook and so on.

What did you do to prepare for your pro day?

I worked out with my high school football and track coach. He knows me really well and he’s been coaching for a long time so I trusted him to get me right on a program and it went well. Basically, I did a lot of plyos, agility drills, lifting and of course some running.

I read you did well at your pro day, what was your 40 time?

My average was a 4.46.

Have you ever done any kick returning or covering kicks on special teams?

I wish I would’ve in college because I missed it from high school but not my decision.

Are you best playing inside in a slot position or more on the outside as a receiver? How do you feel your blocking is?

Our coaches didn’t like to move us around a lot so I mainly played outside but I knew our inside receiver position and based on the routes and plays. (Laughs) I would be best playing outside as our outside receiver got the ball more than the inside receivers.

What are your impressions of the New England Patriots? Did you follow their success at all throughout the 2000s?

Actually I did, since Vegas doesn’t have a professional sports team, I usually just like players and my favorite player, Randy Moss, happens to play on the Patriots, so I did follow them. I actually follow the Celtics too since they have two of my favorite players, Rasheed Wallace and Ray Allen, so thought that was interesting as well.

Did you talk to any teams at your pro day or since? Any teams showing particular interest?

I talk to a few teams and some showed interest but I’m really just being patient and letting things happen as they will as from this point on it’s out of my control. I did what I could do on the field in college, I did what I could do at the pro day so now its just sit back wait and pray and hope for the best!

Thanks for talking to us RaShaun and best of luck.

Thank you.