by Patriots Daily Staff

After a productive first two rounds in yesterday’s post, the PD Mock continues with our Saturday picks (Rounds Four through Seven).


Greg DoyleAndre Roberts, WR, The Citadel. As Scott indicated yesterday, Roberts is a polished, professional sounding receiver with good triangle numbers and production, albeit at a lower college

Scott Long

level. He can return kicks and is fearless as a receiver. I did see him drop an easy pass in the Senior Bowl, but that could happen to anyone. As an alternative and since I’ll be selecting another receiver later, I’m very partial to UCLA’s CB Alterraun Verner who may not have the greatest speed numbers, but was very productive in college and is a playmaker at cornerback.

Chris Warner: That’s makes three of us for Mr. Roberts. What’s not to like? Good 40 (4.4), very strong shuttle numbers, plus a metric ton of versatility (returner, running back, Wildcat QB), make him an intriguing, low-risk pick here.

Scott Benson: You guys will lose out on Roberts if you wait until the fourth. Remember where you heard that. Anyway, I haven’t read more than a stitch on this year’s late round prospects, so I’m afraid I can’t help much with the picks today. Where I may be of assistance is in highlighting some of the third day players that the Pats have either worked out privately, or hosted for a Foxborough visit over the past several weeks. I’ll slot them per Pro Football Weekly’s most recent draft value chart. Fourth round prospect visits included DE Daniel Te’o-Nesheim and LB Donald Butler; private workouts included DT Arthur Jones, CB Dominique Franks, RB Jonathan Dwyer, WR Scott Long, and QB Mike Kafka. There’s always a chance that one of them will wind up being the pick here.


Chris: Okay, I’ll go ahead and pair this with a third-rounder for 2009 Derrick Burgess… (Damnit!)

Scott: Maybe the Pats will end up replacing that fifth rounder after all, Chris. If they do, they may be targeting Foxborough visitors like DE Hall Davis or RB’s Monatrio Hardesty and Charles Scott; or perhaps a player they privately worked out like DT Corey Peters. I’ll also note Kam Chancellor here; Greg liked him much higher, but Pro Football Weekly is anticipating a 5th round slot for the big safety.


Scott Sicko

GregSherrick McManis, CB, Northwestern-McManis is a good zone corner that the Patriots have reportedly shown interest in. He reminds me a bit of Asante Samuel coming out of college and has room to grow.

Chris: I like McManis, but find myself intrigued by running back Deji Karim of Southern Illinois to continue the reconstruction of New England’s backfield. Kevin Faulk signed a one-year deal. Karim is small, strong and quick, and would benefit from Faulk’s tutelage – especially in pass protection. Originally I had him as a seventh-rounder, but an exceptional pro day (4.4 in the 40) bumped him up a round.

GregScott Sicko, TE, UNH. Sicko is a very productive college tight end who played at a lower level but was extremely productive. Known for his outstanding hands, he has improved hisstanding this post-season with great 40 times at his Pro Day. He is a hard-working kid who has the athletic ability to become a good NFL tight end and may just need to bulk up slightly.

Chris: Because I address tight end concerns in Round 7, I’m going with UCLA linebacker Reggie Carter. We like Reggie, and not just because he gave PD our first interview this season. He’s tough, strong (31 reps of 225 at his pro day), and has leadership qualities (elected a captain of the defense at the East-West Shrine Game). An under-the-radar guy who will bolster special teams.

Scott: In this range, the Pats may also be looking at OT Nic Richmond, who they worked out, or RB James Starks and S Kurt Coleman, who both got special attention from New England after their respective pro days.

Chris: Because the Pats have close to a million picks in the seventh, let’s just put them out there in a bunch. You first, Greg.


Greg: (229) Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State. A productive college quarterback who is tough and can move effectively in the pocket.

(231) Darius Marshall, RB, Marshall. A good college back with a nice size/speed combination and some power behind him.

(247) Thomas Welch, OT, Vanderbilt. Athletic former tight end works hard and is smart. Only been a lineman for a few years and plenty of room to improve.

(248) Steven Turner, WR, Bishops Queen College (Canada). Who, you say? A truly under the radar player who caused a buzz when he was at the CFL Evaluation Camp (The CFL’s equivalent of the Combine) and shattered records for that camp by running a 4.31/40. Also posted numbers in other tests that would have placed him near the top of the wide receiver class at the NFL Combine. Suddenly, the NFL wanted to know who this guy was. Well, he’s a pure burner and project with the skills to develop. He wasn’t overly productive in college, but then again, he’s playing with guys at quarterback who aren’t that talented. He did show some skills as a kick returner. His times could make him as high as a 4th round pick and a month ago even NFL scouts hadn’t heard of him. Says here the Patriots roll the dice on this project.

7(250) Pat Angerer, LB, Iowa. A very productive and quick but undersized kid who works extremely hard and, at the least, will be a great special teams player in the NFL.

Chris: I like ’em. Robinson would be an interesting guy to watch in camp, while Turner looks like someone worth finding oot more aboot (sorry – couldn’t resist).

Mickey Shuler

I got mostly offensive-minded in this round, but I’m starting with (229) Brent Bowden, P, Virginia Tech because if the Pats can use a sixth to draft a long-snapper last year, they can use a seventh to secure their punter. Bowden’s one of the best.

(231) Mickey Shuler, TE, Penn State. No one likes the old school more than Bill Belichick, and Shuler reeks of that era: he’s a blocking TE who sees himself as a receiver, with an NFL vet father.

(247) Chris Maragos, S, Wisconsin. If you have speed and quickness as a safety, great. If you have brains, even better. Maraga has them all and would, at the very least, add to the special teams unit.

(248) Jameson Konz, TE, Kent State. This round’s the best time to take a chance on a player, and considering the Patriots got Julian Edelman here last year, I’m heading back to Kent State for a receiver/athlete type.

(250) Bill Cundiff, QB, Ashland. I’m stealing your guy, Greg. I like his 24 TDs vs. one interception. Those are great numbers at any level, even Pop Warner (no relation).

Scott: I’m just thinking of how exhausted we are every spring after tracking 250+ draft picks; it’s the only time of the year when I don’t want any more football. That only lasts a few hours, though, because by the next day I’m combing the web for UDFA signings. Anyway DE Chris McCoy was the only site visit in this range, but workouts included DE’s Antonio Coleman and Alex Daniels; DT’s Aleric Mullins and Ricardo Matthews; LB Matt Mayberry; CB’s Nolan Carroll and Robert McClain; FB Manase Tonga; QB’s Zac Robinson (mentioned earlier by Greg) and Rusty Brown; and G Phil Costa and C Jim Cordle. The Pats also visited with UMass receiver Jeremy Horne after his recent pro day.

Chris: So, readers, give us your picks in the comment section below. We’ll pay special attention to the under-the-radar guys New England should take – be the first on your block to say “I told you so!”