By Bruce Allen, Patriots Daily Staff

So we spent quite a bit of time doing those positional previews heading into the start of training camp, but we already need to make a few adjustments. There are several players we talked about in those previews, who are already not going to be a part of the 2010 Patriots, and some others who have their status in doubt. Let’s review.

The Patriots Need Something, Anything, From Ron Brace

G Logan Mankins – Holdout

The bombs continue to be lobbed by the Mankins camp, but they look less and less powerful and more and more desperate as the days go on. Mankins situation is not garnering the public sympathy that perhaps his agent had counted on, and unless there is an adjustment in their camp in terms of demands, it seems the Patriots are prepared to go into the season without Mankins.

LB Shawn Crable – Waived

After two years of not being able to get onto the field, the third year linebacker from Michigan apparently showed up out of shape and unable to pass the conditioning test. He was cut the day before training camp started. At the time, Bill Belichick left the door slightly open for a return for Crable if he got himself in shape. Given that the team is already thin at outside linebacker and has some guys banged up, I don’t see them giving him another shot. This third round pick is a complete washout.

WR David Patten – Retired

The likable veteran had a memorable retirement press conference, stating that he just didn’t have the love and desire that he felt he needed for the game. He was a longshot to make the roster, but he likely saw the strong performances and potential of guys like Brandon Tate and Taylor Price and saw the writing on the wall. He went out on his terms.

OL  Nick Kaczur – Injured

Projected to fill the void left by Logan Mankins’ holdout, Kaczur suffered a back injury that has kept him off the field. It seems inevitable that he will be placed on IR, but the hasn’t made it official just yet. Dan Connolly has been serviceable in the guard spot, and whether they can find another veteran guard might determine Kaczur’s fate for the season.

DL Ty Warren – on Injured Reserve

Michael Felger would like to blame Warren’s injury on the defensive lineman’s decision to finish up his college degree this offseason, marking perhaps the first time a player has been criticized in the media for doing so. Warren suffered a hip injury that requires surgery. He was placed on IR, and his loss is a big blow to the team. Gerard Warren looks to take his place in the starting lineup, but who will be on the other side of Vince Wilfork?

WR Torry Holt – on Injured Reserve

The veteran receiver was brought in as insurance against Wes Welker’s return and the development of the young receivers. With both situations looking promising, it probably wasn’t a hard choice for the team to put Holt on IR when he suffered a knee injury that needs surgery. Probably better than cutting a guy who has had the terrific career that Holt has had. Is this the end of the line? We’ll see.

The loss of Warren obviously hurts the most, as the depth at that position is challenged. Second year lineman Ron Brace just started practicing, and he needs to make a huge leap if he hopes to remain on the roster, any improvement in his play would be a positive for the position. The cutting of Crable was likely a message to other recent draftees (like Brace) that the organization isn’t going to be as patient as perhaps they were in the past with draftees. With this team needing guys who can play, there is less room for “projects.”