There are a ton of ways to purchase Patriots tickets these days, and the secondary market is loaded with sellers, whether it is Ace Ticket, StubHub! eBay or whomever. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that showed you all your purchasing options, plus integrated it with some cool data and stats?

Well, now you have it. Patriots Daily Tickets, powered by TiIQ launches today, and with it, you have the power to see all of your options, see what trends are developing, and what your best deal is going to be. You can sort by the price you want to pay, where you want to sit, how many tickets you want, and any combination of those. It will even tell you if your selection is a good deal or a bad deal.

From the main page, you can drill down to individual games, such as the home opener against the Bengals, and get more information on what sections are hot, and where the seats are available. You can also look at the entire home schedule to see which games are the best deal.

The graphic below shows you some information on what are the top home games of the 2010 schedule as we speak. 10/31 against Brett Favre and the Vikings, 11/21 against the Colts (wait, we’re playing the Colts at home this season?) and Monday night December 6th against Rex Ryan and the New York Jets.

Occasionally as the season goes on, we’re going to post a graphic on the blog here that will give you information on an upcoming game, and what trends are developing over the course of the season. Check out the site, see what you can find, and hopefully we can add something of value to your experience as a fan.

Note: Please be aware that the ticket prices and associated fees originate with the seller (Ace Ticket, StubHub!, etc) not with Patriots Daily or TiqIQ, but by purchasing through Patriots Daily Tickets, you will be supporting PD, and helping us continue to bring you great Patriots content. (Not to mention help pay Chris Warner’s phone bills in the spring from talking to all those prospects.)