By Bruce Allen, Patriots Daily Staff

This season on PD, during the week leading up to home games, we’ll keep an eye on ticket prices and trends heading up to the game.

I’ve been watching the average ticket price for this weekend fluctuate by about $20 over the last couple of weeks. I’ve seen it in the $270’s and in the $250’s. Being the opening game, and weather still good, this is an attractive ticket, and should end up one of the higher prices of the season, at least until we know how good this team is.

The chart below looks at the current average prices by section for this week’s game against the Bengals. Clicking on the image will bring you to the PD ticket purchasing page where you can shop across a number of ticket vendors for the best possible deal.

Here are a couple of specific section deals that we’ll also put on Twitter.

45 tickets in 300’s Center, $150 or less (Wkly Trend: -6.9%). Game Avg: $267

40 tickets in 200’s Center, less than $200 (Wkly Trend: -12%). Game Avg: $267