A regular feature that we had last season returns for this week (at least) with a chat with Sydney Hunte of BuffaloSportsNow.com.

1) What are your thoughts on Chan Gailey thus far? Better than the last few Bills coaches?

The jury’s still out on Chan Gailey.  Message boards around here are buzzing that he’s the worst coach in team history and that he was a cheap hire–but I think that was just anger talking through fans at that point after watching this club struggle to an 0-2 start.  I think that the picture will be clearer at the end of the year how much impact Gailey has had on this franchise.  Of course, he hasn’t really had the talent to build off of so we’ll probably have to wait a couple more years down the road to know for sure.  One thing is certain: if he doesn’t get this ship turned around, fans will be calling for his head.

2009 First Round Pick Aaron Maybin Needs To Emerge For The Bills.

2) What will Ryan Fitzpatrick bring that Trent Edwards didnt?

I see Fitzpatrick as more of a “risktaker” than Edwards.  While Edwards would check down to receivers when he ran out of time in the pocket, Fitzpatrick is more liable to take more shots down the field to look for big plays.  Unfortunately, his accuracy is poor at this point, but he has done a somewhat serviceable job in his performances with the Bills.  I think at this point fans are glad to see him because he’s not Edwards and the fact that he is starting right now gives the impression that Edwards’ time with this franchise is drawing to a close.  Since Jim Kelly retired, this team has not been able to find a franchise quarterback; I’m not sure Fitzpatrick is that, though.

3) In the past, Bill Belichick has always raved about the Bills special teams, is that unit still a strength of the Bills?

Bobby April was a genius with this special teams unit in his tenure in Buffalo; however, he was ousted along with the rest of Dick Jauron’s staff during the coaching change in the offseason.  Bruce DeHaven, who was the special teams coach for a number of years during the Bills’ Super Bowl years before losing his job due to the infamous Music City Miracle in the 2000 AFC Wild Card game, was brought back to continue to build off of what April built.  This unit was startlingly bad during the preseason, but seems to have nailed it down a bit so far this year.  I think this is one of those “too early to tell” things since it’s still in a transition period from April to DeHaven.

4) Who on the defense is going to be getting to Tom Brady on Sunday?

It has to be Aaron Maybin.  He has not performed up to his abilities at all in his career and is being called a “bust”.  The pressure’s definitely on him to get himself together and earn his keep or he’ll be out of Buffalo before he knows it.  Chris Kelsay, a veteran, is also one who needs to step things up; he had 5 sacks last year but had a rough performance last week.  A good game by those two could put them back in favor with Bills fans.

5) Lynch, Jackson, or Spiller?

As far as the future of this franchise at running back, I think Spiller has the tools to carry this team.  If Buffalo is to keep all three, however, they need to find a way to utilize the three of them in the offense; if they can do that, the dynamic of this club will change.  I’ve always envisioned Lynch and Jackson splitting carries a la DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart in Carolina, with Spiller as an all-purpose receiving/rushing/returning option.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case so far.  Chan Gailey has to find a way to get C.J. Spiller the ball and get him more involved with this team.  He can really be a special talent in my opinion.

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