by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff

If you’d have told me last Thursday that the Patriots would beat the Ravens with three defensive stops in overtime, I would have a) laughed, and b) asked if your stash was for medical or recreational use.

So, after showing signs of stopping, maybe – just maybe – New England has discovered something resembling a defense. We can only hope. And, as is our custom, worry.

Watch Out, Danny!

Home’s Sure Lock: It doesn’t take a detective to find out that Our Tom Brady is undefeated at Gillette since 2006 (I happened to attend that game with my wife, by the way. Just call me Mr. Good Luck Charm). The problem, of course, remains away from home, where New England tends to flail around like a duck on a hot plate. Throw in a West Coast flight, and victory becomes less than elementary.

Oh, Danny Boy: Hey, lil’ Danny Woodhead! You are awesome. Keep working on your blitz pickup, keep catching passes (five grabs for 52 yards vs. Baltimore), and for the love of St. Pete, stay low. (Yes, I realize the irony of saying that to a 5-foot-9-while-wearing-loafers running back, but I’m worried sick this kid is going to get pummeled.)

Driving Their Fans In San: You know what team tops the league in total offensive and defensive yardage? If you guessed San Diego, you’re right. If you guessed some other team, you’re not really paying attention. I mean, it’s not like we’re discussing the Packers this week or something.

Despite their big numbers on both sides of the ball, the Chargers have fallen to 2-4 on the year. We’d almost feel sorry for them, but then we remember Ron Burgundy’s sentiment (not to be played at work). So, let’s hope that whatever has been plaguing San Diego continues through Sunday afternoon. (Hey, it’s 72 degrees and sunny there; whatever bad happens, those fans can handle it.)

The D On Deion: While the Patriots had to adapt to game life without Randy Moss this past week, so did Baltimore. Can Deion Branch continue at his Ravens rate (nine receptions, 98 yards, one TD), or will opponents start keying on him? If so, that brings up another concern…

Grasping For Aaron: In Overtime, tight end Aaron Hernandez had more issues catching the ball than Cinderella. Receivers Julian Edelman and Brandon Tate need to step up, too, considering I had as many receptions as those two combined from the comfort of my own couch.

Brandon Strategies: What to do with safety/nitwit Brandon Meriweather? It’s one thing to get penalized for attempting to make tight end Todd Heap into an unconscious version of his last name. It’s another to fail to show any regret.

Brandon, maybe you should start to play with less recklessness. I’ll bet you $50,000 I’m right.

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