After last week’s win in Pittsburgh, confidence is once again high among Patriots fans, and it is reflected in the ticket prices for Sunday’s matchup with the Colts – the first at Gillette Stadium since 2006.

The weather for Sunday won’t be awful, though a bit on the cool side. Highs in the low 40’s are expected during the day, but with a 4:14 kickoff, temperatures will drop quickly as the sun goes down.

There are still seats available, but the prices are pretty high across the board.

A few select deals:

Tickets for Sunday’s game down 30% this week. 47 available for less than $250 (38% below game avg.)

55 eTickets available for Sunday’s game, 15 for less than $300. (26% below game avg.)

18 seats in TiqZone 200’s Corner, $350 or less. 8 for less than $300 (Zone Avg: $350; WKLY Trend: -30%).