by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff

What the Patriots did to the Dolphins this past Sunday would make Greenpeace shudder (you know, if they were really dolphins). As it happened, the 38-7 slaughter provided Foxboro’s crowd with an entertaining wrap-up to a surprising 14-2 regular season.

So, despite the defensive line showing some thinness (so to speak) and a shot to the noggin of our beloved Woodhead, we have a short piece this week. Nothing to do but sit back and root for whatever teams we hate less.

Here’s a quick rundown of New England’s potential opponents January 16.

Brady Buddy Terrell Suggs Might Be Coming To Gillette

Raven Mad: Everyone’s looking at Baltimore as the most formidable foe, and with good reason. New England battled the birds to a 23-20 overtime victory on October 17. They also feature sack artist Terrell Suggs, who talks about hating Tom Brady so much we half expect that after the game, in romantic comedy fashion, those two will drive off together to the strains of Harry Connick, Jr.

Wow. Weird image.

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of: That song lyric makes no sense whatsoever. Still, you’ve got to like New York’s chances. With that Jet defense and running game, if you give them an inch, they’ll take a foot.

Thank you! Please enjoy our nacho bar!

What’s Going On, Chief? Quarterback Matt Cassel’s last performance vs. Oakland (11 for 33, two interceptions, five sacks) belies an overall great year (stats here). Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles has had a breakout season (1,467 yards, 6.4 per tote), putting the onus on New England’s defense to stop the run. Add to that the killer coordinator combo of Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennell, and the Chiefs have something going for them.

Hmm. So much for nothing to worry about.

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