by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff

The phrase pops up in movies and TV when the hero faces the same old nemeses.

Oh, these guys again.

For the third time this year, the Patriots face the Jets. Let’s review. For a look at how far New England has come (Javarris James, anyone?) see our worries from Game Two here. The WW column leading up to what was then the Game of The Year – in Week 13 – see this link.

So, that with two previous columns on these guys, that means all our worries are accounted for, right?

Nope. No way.

Gentlemen, Start Your Vengeance: Any team that suffers a 45-3 drubbing and gets the opportunity to do something about it looks like a dangerous team. The Jets kept Peyton Manning in check at Indianapolis. It’s not a stretch to think they can accomplish something similar in Foxboro.

A bit of a stretch, sure, but it’s there.

Once, Twice, Three Times A Maybe: The third game between two teams always looks like a wild card, especially if the previous two contests have split.

My Heavens, I’m working myself into quite a little frenzy over here.

The Off-Islanders: Watching Darrelle Revis shut down Indy’s Reggie Wayne reminded us of a certain special receiver (rhymes with Mandy Ross) who had a tough time on Revis Island. So, can the off-islanders like Aaron Hernandez and Danny Woodhead do the job again, or will Rex Ryan have a few new wrinkles for the Patriots’ offense?

Speaking of the unstable one…

The Joy Of Rex: Hey, I like it that the media has a darling coach who makes their jobs easier. I like that he can’t help but feed the quote machine. But I worry, because 1) how far does it have to go, and 2) when does it stop?

If the Jets lose, will Rex Ryan go away? Nope. He won’t, and we know that because a humiliating defeat in December didn’t keep him away. Neither did some off-field revelations that would have compelled most other men to take a brief respite from the job. He just keeps coming back. Like a machine. A shameless, self-hyping quote machine.

Oh, these guys again.

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