By Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff

Playing two New York teams in a row is like slipping on one pile of dog dung and falling chest-first into another: every moment feels awful; there’s serious cleaning up afterwards; and for whatever reason, other people find it hilarious.

Two positive aspects arose from Sunday’s 24-20 loss to the Giants. One, it ended the silly home winning streak that didn’t include New England’s two straight playoff losses. Two, it has quelled expectations of the Patriots going far this season.

Oh, for the days when a mediocre defense could still get you to 14-2.

Some other points worth visiting as the Pats head to New Jersey to take on the Jets…

Rah, Rah, Sis-Boom-Blah: Anyone else feel like New England just wasn’t up for this game? Too many blank stares on the sideline, too much looking around waiting for Tom Brady to do something. If they have a similar attitude in the tri-state area, things could get ugly quickly.

Plus it’s worth pointing out –

Tom Turkey: Sure, nice comeback at the end there, but we’re concerned about the missed receivers and questionable decision-making in this game. If he has a repeat performance against the Jets, your Sunday evening just got much, much longer.

What Can Brown Do For You? Oh, you mean Sergio Brown? He can commit an egregious pass interference penalty to set up the Giants on the one-yard line. That’s all.

We Can’t Grin And Barrett: Now that safety Josh Barrett has been placed on injured reserve, Brown and new guy Sterling Moore should get more playing time. The Patriots’ safeties have gotten on the field only slightly more often than Peyton Manning’s new cleats.

Which is totally awesome. In opposite world.

Albert Heinousworth: Thanks to Albert Haynesworth for continuing his streak of seasons failing to live up to his potential. Um, Albert, don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out, because you might break the door.

Bump, Set, Spikes: Looks like Brandon Spikes might miss this game. Exactly what New England needs – less intensity in their linebacking corps.

Wow. Even we’re getting tired of the level of sarcasm this week. But will we let it stop us? (Insert sardonic answer here.)

At The End Of His Grope: Hey, Julian Edelman? If you’re going to get very little yardage on punt returns, you might as well make sure you don’t fumble. Just saying.

Deep Thoughts: It sure seems like the Patriots need a fast guy who can run downfield three or four times a game, if only to elicit a possible pass interference penalty. Will Taylor Price ever be healthy? Why hasn’t he seen the field more?

We’d rather have Brady hurling the ball to, say, a streaking Matthew Slater three times a game than failing to connect with a certain veteran receiver five times.

Tempting Fade: Speaking of deep threats, welcome back to Tiquan Underwood, who not only can run the fade, he can sport it as a haircut.

Look, we have no idea what’s going to happen with this team. Might as well enjoy some of the fun, quirky stuff as it comes along.

Recalling An Offensive Line: The Aristocrats! No, seriously, what’s up with the O-line these days? Brady’s getting knocked around like a ping-pong ball in a closet full of cats. Too many individual battles being lost up front, which bodes poorly for a tilt with the Jets’ improved D.

Going Back To The Welker: When receiver Wes Welker went down with an apparent shoulder injury in the first half, we all figured that was the end of the season. He’s an amazing player who has been the heart of the team since 2007. Next week, the Jets will do everything they can to make him a non-factor.

Imagine if a certain numerically-named receiver actually took advantage of such a situation? That would be cool.

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