Being a fan of sports we are sure you will be aware of the growth of online bookmakers during the past few years. The gambling industry as a whole has benefited from the rise of the web, with online casinos now being able to offer virtual card games and many sports themed slots which you can Play here, whilst the online bookmakers have now made it possible to place a wager on the game at any point during said match.

Sports betting is obviously a massive industry as it stands and seeing as the NFL has become quite popular in the UK over recent years it looks to grow even further, with several teams establishing strong fan bases.

One of the more popular franchises is the San Diego Chargers, though this has not been their greatest season. They are not completely out of the running for the Superbowl, but it would take a string of miracles if they were to make the playoffs. It is still a mathematical possibility, but with odds of winning the Superbowl of 300/1 (though some bookmakers are pricing them at 150/1) chances are not very high.

So what has gone wrong for them this season? Out of the last seven games they lost five, and it seems that the buck is being passed very firmly to Norv Turner – the head coach. However the team has been unfortunate in the number of injuries sustained particularly in the offensive line. However, there still should be sufficient depth after all they are all professionals.

This weekend they take on the New York jets and even though the Jets have not been on the best form predictions are not good again, with the Jets being 4/6 to win and the Chargers clocking in at 11/10. With only 2 games left one wonders whether the Chargers will be able to pull out all the stops or whether Norv Turner really will be facing the chop.

If you are looking for a good bet on the Chargers then it is looking increasingly likely that this is Norv Turner final season, after all somebody has to carry the can for turning a 24-0 halftime lead against Denver into a 35-24 loss; that takes some doing.