by Scott Benson

In a sadly typical column in which he gleefully bashes the Patriots from pillar to post, the Boston Globe’s Ron Borges claims that Deion Branch and his agent Jason Chayut will today inform the Patriots that they have found a suitor that is willing to meet the salary demands of the holdout receiver and give the Patriots a “fair-market offer” for his services.

Who is that team, and what is their offer to the Patriots? How much are they willing to pay Branch? Does it exceed the offer already on the table from the Patriots? By how much? And how do we know that this ‘offer’ isn’t just a Trojan Horse sent by one of the team’s primary competitors?

You’d think a man the Globe claims is one of the finest pro football writers in the nation might have that information, and be in a rush to share it. You’d be wrong. Though he lets us know in no uncertain terms that he has the inside scoop, the best Borges can muster is several column inches worth of doubletalk delivered with a smirk. Ron knows something, and he’s not telling, other than to claim (in the most smarmy way possible; you can almost hear the evil laugh and the moustache twisting) that the Patriots are finally, gloriously about to get their just desserts. BWAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA.

The Pats allegedly have a surprise coming their way and Ron isn’t about to do anything to ruin the shock value. One thing he’s up front about though – the Patriots either consent to the mystery trade offer, or lose Branch until week 10. And subject themselves to another lifetime of “cheap, disingenuous” taunts from Morrissey Blvd.

It calls into question just who Ron is working for here. Is he a journalist reporting news for the once-proud Globe, or a PR hack delivering spoon-fed press releases dictated by a sports agent? He wouldn’t be enabling a last-second, no-look, half-court heave by Chayut here, would he?

I think we know the answer. Go find your own link for the column, if you must. I’m not directing any traffic towards Don King’s – and Jason Chayut’s – store bought lackey.