by Scott Benson

Bob Glauber of has reported that the mystery team pimped by Ron Borges in his column this morning is none other than the New York Jets.

According to Glauber, in a report filed about an hour ago, the Jets have agreed to the parameters of a long-term deal with Deion Branch, and are working to negotiate compensation with the Patriots.

Pardon me for being skeptical as to the Jets sincerity. Naturally, the offer comes from a team in direct divisional competition with the Patriots. They wouldn’t have anything to gain by driving up the price on the holdout receiver and virtually assuring than he’ll will remain on the sidelines as the season begins next week. Would they?

The Jets, naturally, play the Patriots twice this season, in weeks 2 and 10.

Edit: Slimy PR intern Ron Borges, on leave from the Globe as he finally breaks in to player representation, is now reporting that the Seattle Seahawks have entered the bidding for a sign/trade with Branch.

At this point, its seems adviseable that GDRV STFU for a bit and see where events take us. It will certainly be an interesting day. We’ll undoubtedly have some reaction later.