by Scott Benson

Some happy news, at least early in the day. Mike Reiss reports that Tedy Bruschi, Doug Gabriel and Chad Jackson all made the trip to New York.

I’m sure there will be a game-time decision made on each, and they may yet remain on the shelf for another week. But for the moment, it’s nice to think that the Patriots will get at least one key player back today.

It sure seems like they’re taking it slow with Tedy, and when you think about it, how devastating would a re-injury be for the Patriots? Maybe they give him another week of practicing with that cast.

For all practical purposes, it’s as though Chad Jackson has been an apparition; I’m not convinced he truly exists. Seeing him today would be like seeing a ghost.

So my money goes on Gabriel. Hey Doug, Karen Guregian says you need at least six catches today, or you’ll answer to Red Sox Nation. Better get cracking.

Lastly, a word about Reiss. His simple, direct reporting offers a needed respite from the clamor of contrived commentary. I don’t have to listen to hours of broadcast blather to find out whether flu victim Rodney Harrison feels well enough to play today. I don’t have to sort through the predictable, pungent Bad Bill noise that ran in his old paper this morning. One click, question answered. Long live the Indispensable Mike Reiss.

Have you checked out Tom Curran’s new blog yet? Tom has been covering the Pats this week for, and is already blogging this morning.