by Scott Benson

Ron Borges continued his free-fall into abject dementia this morning by returning to a familiar theme for the lead item in his Sunday notes column.

Of all people Ron should bump into this week. it’s Old Friend Ty Law. Hey, did you know Ty almost returned to the Patriots this summer?

“I thought about it, but a lot of things were changing up there,” Law said. “It was intriguing to come back, but was it a step backward? I done it there. I wanted to move forward. I seen how my so-called replacements up there played when I went out and proved I could still play in New York.

“Up there, they like to talk about the system. The system is great, but I ain’t no system player. I didn’t want to retire as some guy people say could only do it because of Belichick’s system. It’s a great system, but it’s not the system that wins. It’s the players. I went to the Pro Bowl in Pete Carroll’s system. I went in Herman Edwards’s system. Different systems, same player.”

Oh, good. Just what I wanted to hear about on a day when the Patriots travel to New York for a crucial divisional game. A Kansas City Chief talking about the Patriots ‘system’.

First, let’s see how ‘the player’ has done since he left the ‘system’ – 4-12 last year and 0-1 this year. 4-13. Why isn’t ‘the player’ winning? I thought he was a Hall of Famer? Isn’t he concerned he’ll lose HOF support for being simply a product of the Herm Edwards ‘system’? The evidence suggests he should be.

I hope to hell the Patriots aren’t stupid enough to ever save money against their cap for this guy again.

But I can’t blame Ty all that much – he’s never been a deep thinker as far as his public comments go. Great football player, but he’s no Dale Carnegie.

No, once again we really should be shooting the messenger, at least when the messenger is Ron Borges, who has punched his own one-way ticket to Nuttytown (via Liarville) simply because he can’t stand a couple of football executives. What does it say about a guy that pisses away his talent, and his oft-boasted (though not confirmed) honesty and integrity, so that he may pursue some batshit crazy crusade?

His ongoing emotional breakdown is his problem. I’ll stick with quibbling on a couple of points.

Ron, you really should be reminded that while your buddy was knocking around the AFC basement, helping his team to the fourth pick in the draft, his so-called replacements (Asante Samuel and Ellis Hobbs) at least went to the AFC divisionals, where they allowed just 190 passing yards in a loss. Take away five offensive and special teams turnovers, and the next week they’re following Pittsburgh’s receivers around Gillette Stadium in the AFC Championship Game.

If Ty’s replacements are such lousy players, wouldn’t the playoff appearance be due to the system? It’s not the system? Then maybe the so-called replacements aren’t as bad as you like to insist. Those contradictions are never addressed in your monthly Ty ‘The Player, Not the System’ Law updates.

And I’m guessing, Ron, if New England had offered the most money, we’d have found out just how strongly Ty felt about making the ‘step backward’ into the Patriots system.

How many times are you going to write the same article, anyway? I’d say you can finally file this tired old beaten horse.

And I have an idea exactly where you can file it.

Now, on to the game.