Several of the questions at Bill Belichick’s first press conference since the selection of Brandon Meriweather concerned the safety’s checkered off-and-on-field past.

Meriweather was at the center of a much-publicized on-field brawl last season, and previously, had actually drawn and fired a gun at an attacker outside his apartment. Neither act necessarily fits the profile of an ideal first round pick. The fight might be explained; gun ownership harder so.

Still, if the guy can play football and puts his troubles behind him, I can’t see what the issue is. I’d like them to be better and deeper on defense. The chances that he helps in that regard seem pretty good. If he crosses the line again, he’ll pay for it, and gnashing of teeth aside, the Patriots will somehow survive. I trust the Pats due diligence enough not to immediately petition for a ‘Take Back the Night’ rally.