We’re fast approaching pick 91 and the end of a long and only occasionally eventful day that featured the longest first round in the history of the draft.

The Pats will make just their second selection of the day, after drafting semi-controversial safety Brandon Meriweather with pick #24 and trading pick for San Francisco’s first round pick in 2008 (and a fourth this year).

The Niners went from 4-12 in 05 to 7-9 in 06. They play in one of football’s weakest divisions and added Nate Clements in free agency and both Patrick Willis and Joe Staley today. If they continue to improve, the pick could be anywhere from the mid teens to the early twenties. If they stay level or, even dip a bit, the pick is in the top 15 easy.

If they bottom out, you could really be talking about something. What is also something is the Patriots’ knack for planning ahead – once again they have given themselves two first round picks in the next draft.

A small part of me can’t help but ask if they ever they intend to use them, though.

Meriweather can play safety and cornerback and might be a real playmaker in the middle. It seems to me that he can make a real impact in the rotation. He can also be a headache, if his past troubles aren’t completely behind him. The Pats vote of confidence shouldn’t be completely dismissed.

The trade with San Francisco put the draft excitement on ice for awhile but pick 91 is on the way. Let’s look at the Rumor Inventory to see who may be under consideration:

RB Antonio Pittman
RB Michael Bush (visit)
WR Aundrae Allison (visit)
WR Chris Davis (visit)
CB Tanard Jackson
CB David Irons
CB Daymeion Highes (visit)
SS Josh Gattis
DE Jay Moore
LB Brandon Siler
LB Earl Everett
LB Tim Shaw

Others from the Mock Masher:

DE Ray McDonald

Wild guess? TE Ben Patrick of Delaware.

Note: Michael Smith is claiming the Pats are still in talks for the league’s leading disgruntled receiver, Randy Moss. The Pats would allegedly give up a conditional 2008 3rd round pick, which could become a second rounder.