First, I’ve seen nothing anywhere on the Internet, nor heard any further mention on ESPN, of Steve Young’s earlier claim that the Pats were on the losing end of a trade battle (with the New York Jets, no less) for Pittsburgh cornerback Darrelle Revis, who was chosen at pick 14 with a selection originally held by the Carolina Panthers.

We’re rolling on towards the Patriots first action of the day. At pick 16, the Packers surprised many by eschewing a receiver ‘for’ Brett Favre (like a present) by selecting Tennessee DT Justin Harrell. The whole thing prompted Paul Lynde, I mean Steve Young, to become quite pissy.

Another Pats rival, the Denver Broncos, traded up (from 21) to pick 17, where they chose Florida DE Jarvis Moss, another lower tier F15’er. The Broncos gave up a 3rd and a 6th to move up four spots.

The next three picks hit where it hurt.

The Bengals grabbed Leon Hall from Michigan, who had been thought to be the best corner available. I was beginning to eye Hall as a potential drop to the Pats. Tennessee followed with their selection of S Michael Griffin of Texas, a choice which can be summed up with two words – awwwwwww shit. I really thought he’d be great for the Pats, though evidently, they didn’t.

The Fabulous Football New York Giants closed out the top 20 by picking CB Aaron Ross of Texas, who led our Fab 15 this morning.

There are three picks left, but the Pats could be choosing from a field of:

Florida S Reggie Nelson EDIT – Picked at 21 by Jacksonville
Miami S Brandon Meriweather
Arkansas CB Chris Houston
Penn State LB Paul Posluszny
Miami LB Jon Beason

There is also the wild card TE, Greg Olsen, which would probably cause my mood to grow sour, and then there are the receivers – Meachem and Bowe – that the Pats looked at this spring.

Alan Branch, who was expected to go in the top 15, is still there.

You know, at this rate, why wouldn’t the Patriots pick David Harris 24th? How do we know the Panthers won’t pick him at 25? Don’t they need linebackers too?