Steve Young just claimed on ESPN that the Patriots were involved in trade talks with the Carolina Panthers for the 14th selection in the draft. Carolina eventually traded the pick to New England’s arch rival, the New York Jets.

The Jets, who no doubt are wearing shit eating grins right now, selected cornerback Darrelle Revis.

The speculation, naturally, was that the Patriots and Jets were dueling for the same player. Cue up the Border War graphics. I didn’t anticipate this angle today, stupidly. If Young is right, we’ll hear this story again.

In other news, both Patrick Willis (#11, to the Niners) and Adam Carriker (#13, to the Rams) have been scratched off the Fab Fifteen list.

Division rival Buffalo surprised with their choice of Marshawn Lynch at #12. They do need a runner, and their surprise choice last year, Donte Whitner, worked out well enough to give Marv and company the benefit of the doubt.

Pittsburgh just topped off the top 15 by taking LB Lawrence Timmons, another F15 guy, though one of the least interesting ones.

Eight picks to go and the Pats are on the clock, unless they try to trade up again. There may no longer be any reason to, I guess.

Was Darrelle Revis was the highest rated player on the Pats board?