Make this one good, boys – this is the last (planned) pick for a very long time.

Some ideas:

Michigan LB David Harris – the latest rumors say this happens.
Michigan DE LaMarr Woodley – the Pats would stand him up on the outside, you’d figure
C. Michigan OT Joe Staley – will they pass on him twice?
Auburn G Ben Grubbs – a promising guard compared to Alan Faneca.
Penn State LB Paul Posluszny – the Pats still need linebacking help, particularly inside.
Arkansas CB Chris Houston – as the last few years have shown, you can always use more, though this doesn’t seem very likely.
Maryland CB Josh Wilson – from the Pats mold, but will they reach for him here after taking Meriweather already?

I suppose a trade back is very much a possibility, though you’d hope if they give it up, they’d somehow get a second and a third in return, giving them three more picks today.

This has been fun so far. By the way, for the record, Brandon Meriweather was listed on our Draft Rumor Inventory, countering the argument that every draft rumor is simply deception by the mysterious Patriots.