The Patriots are off the clock – for a good, long time – after trading their pick at #28 to the San Francisco 49ers for the Niners first round pick in 2008, and their 4th round pick (#110) in this draft.

San Francisco used the pick on LT Joe Staley, who I guess Dante didn’t feel that strongly about.

Also getting the slight appears to be Michigan LB David Harris, who was thought to be a perfect fit for the linebacker starved Pats, and I guess just about everybody else who I’ve been listing for the last hour.

Surprising and disappointing. It makes you wonder what the Patriots intend to do about replenishing their linebacker group, which you would have thought to have been a given in this draft. They saw a run on corners and edge rushers before they could get to the podium, but they passed on Harris, Jon Beason, Anthony Spencer and Paul Posluszny. They will not pick again until pick 91, by which time many of the most promising prospects will be off the board. Barring a trade (which is possible, as they now have nine picks for tomorrow – five that can be traded, including two fours), they will end the day not with three, or four picks, but just two.

Being that its 2007, and its the 2007 draft, its hard for me to get too fired up about next April. Besides – weren’t the 49ers around .500 this year?

I’m shall go sit quietly now, until further notice.