The first day of training camp took a potentially bad turn for the Patriots last night when veteran cornerback Chad Scott went down with what onlookers describe as a serious knee injury.

Scott, the Patriots’ most physical corner and a steady contributor to last year’s AFC conference runner-up, was injured in a passing drill in the day’s second practice session.

Scott was expected to start across from Ellis Hobbs as the Asante Samuel holdout continues. Straight away, the depth of the Pats defensive backfield is challenged again. Eyes may turn first to Randall Gay, who will have to prove that he can stay in one piece for the first time since 2004.

The secondary’s day started on a more promising note when first round pick Brandon Meriweather signed his rookie contract. Let’s remember this day, maybe five years from now, when Brandon begins to chafe under the bonds of his first pact. They grow up so fast.

If Scott is down for any length of time, Meriweather may have to grow up sooner rather than later.

In other news, Rodney Harrison, Randy Moss and Laurence Maroney were three who held court with the press. Maroney talked about the differences between him and his mentor, the departed Corey Dillon, and warned fans that rather than emulate Dillon’s punishing style, he will instead “look for the best way to get around you.” He also has a bit of a thing about the term ‘feature back’, which is kind of an awkward thing for the 21st pick in the 2006 draft to be saying, if you ask me.

Moss, well, Moss just said all the right things, which has to be considered a plus.

Ellis Hobbs revealed that the league has apologized for sticking him with a bogus pass interference penalty in last January’s AFC Championship Game. Okay, let’s just resume the action at the point of the egregious error.

Watching the blogs and message boards yesterday was incredible. Minute-by-minute reportage, often of the breathless variety, on seemingly every practice snap. I admire the enthusiasm, but holy smoke, too much information, and too much instant judgment. Let a guy finish one practice before you define his role on the team. Bill Belichick said it himself: “We’re on the treadmill.”

There were huge crowds for the morning session – more than 6,000 strong. Some of us remember when that number would have been a full third of the season ticket holder base. I like it better this way. Your support and passion for this team is to be commended.

We were remiss yesterday in not acknowledging the absence of Marquise Hill, who was no doubt remembered by teammates as they began preparations for another season. The team will wear helmet decals with the late defensive end’s #91.

What were your thoughts on day one of training camp? Let us know in the comments.